Creative Strategy, Booking & Management

She was born in Argentina where she spent her childhood and part of her adolescence. There she begins her secondary studies in the specialty of Communication, Art and Design.

In 2001 she moved with his family to Barcelona where she finished her secondary and university studies. In 2011, she graduated as a Diploma in Social Work at the University of Psychology of Barcelona (UB). Subsequently, she carried out different training courses in International Cooperation, NGO Management, and social projects, Mediation, among others. She works tirelessly in different associations and NGOs, including the Spanish Red Cross.

In 2010, she began her artistic training at the school and theater company Performing Arts in Barcelona, Where she also participates as a trainer in introductory theater courses, mainly with children. Until 2015, she studied and worked as an actress and assistant director at the same company. In 2016, she made one of her life trips. In this case, her transit lasted 9 months in South America where she had experiences as a photographer and in community projects. 

In 2018, and as a continuation of hes journey, she began an artistic residency in Havana where she developed hes first theatrical project as a screenwriter and director of her own shows. Together with his life partner, Jorge Iván founded the company CON NAIPE.

During her stay in Havana she participates as an actress in the “Festival Equinocio” at the Spanish Embassy in this same city, who along with Marika Pérez, actress and director of the Entre Tierras Cultural Association, performs a play by the Spanish playwright Juan Jesús Sánchez Amate.

She also designs and directs several female empowerment sessions at the headquarters of the national dance company “Retazos” in Old Havana, where she has the privilege of having the presence and participation of the choreographer and director of said company, Isabel Bustos.

Its main engine in life is to feel that our passage through this planet is not in vain and that we will leave a mark on it. The wish is that this footprint be positive. For this and for that, he wishes to combine all his knowledge and experiences in the social and artistic field and develop different proposals that invite thought and reflection as human and social beings.