It’s said by an ancient story that the Cuban fighters who fought for the independence of Cuba were called “War Heroes” and that from that sound, which was very different for their ears, the “Guajiro” was born.

WarHero Beat is formed by the voice of Leonardo Pérez, Jorge Iván on the Tres and Frank Santiuste on the trumpet. They create their sound by merging their Cuban roots such as Son, Rumba, Timba and Mambo with the most current electronic overtones, accompanying this mix of other styles such as electronic music, funk, hip hop or jazz, thus forming part in the wake of the new movement of Cuban music that has a great international projection and has among its references to bands like Cimafunk.


Frank Santiuste, is an eclectic Cuban composer and trumpet player. Always ready to traveling new music and styles, he leads the IMULÉ project, which in the language of his ancestors means “We will drink Together from the Earth”, with which he has already toured stages such as the Circo Price Theater, Trafaljazz Festival, or the prestigious FAC de Havana, among others. With a careful and powerful staging, IMULÉ is an admirable musical mosaic of different stories and cultures that transport in the same session from the songs of the fishermen in Ethiopia to an original jazz bulería with funk overtones that is born from the voices of the passers-by from Rome airport. A proposal with a focus on incorporating new sounds and stage elements, achieving very stimulating and interactive live sessions.

Jorge iván

Winner of the «Sixth Edition of the Ibermúsicas Prize for Song Creation 2019» The compositions of this versatile and open artist elegantly mix Bossa, Reggae, Cuban traditional music with Jazz or Funk.

The essence of his songs and the particularity of his voice create an unique atmosphere wherever his music plays. The emotion of his lyrics and his truth when interpreting them make him a unique artist. In the coming months we will be listening to his new material A VOSZ.