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He is a composer and trumpet player born in 1984 in the city of Matanzas (Cuba). He began to train as a musician in the vocational schools of his country at the age of 9, continuing at the ISA in Havana. In 2007 he moved to Madrid and since then he continues to recycle himself intermittently with such masters as Nicholas Payton, Mike Rodríguez and Sergio Pichardo. Frank Santiuste, is always ready to experimenting with new music and styles, he has toured with Imulé on stages such as the Circo Price Theater, Trafaljazz Festival, the prestigious F.A.C in Havana, as well as the already legendary Café Berlin or Bogui Jazz, among others. He flirts with flamenco accompanying artists of the stature of Pitingo or Joaquín Cortés, on national and international tours. He is a member of bands like, Mr. Kilombo, Warhero Beat, Ogun Afrobeat, Romi Anauel & Soldiers of Rá and some others with whom he travels through International Festivals such as Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Polé Polé (Belgium), Etnosur, FIB, Rototom Sunsplash, Tanjazz (Morocco).



IMULÉ  which in the Yoruba language of their ancestors means “We will drink together from the Earth” is the name of their band. He is currently reflecting and accumulating influences and experiences that he will dump on his next LP, whose release is scheduled for autumn 2020. With a strong social commitment, he is the founder of the Entretierras Cultural Association, with which he carries out 3 Multidisciplinary Festivals held in Mexico. and Cuba, thanks to the sponsorship of Aecid. In the last one, “Acción Habana: Platform for the Development of Music and New Media”, he is part of the teaching team, of musical production and is an advisor for the edition of the “Beginner’s Guide for the Enterprising Musician” for restless musicians in developing countries.


With a careful and powerful performance on stage, IMULÉ ///, starts from very diverse musical roots such as flamenco, Afro-Cuban songs and even hip hop, on a firm Jazz base seasoned by leading musicians on the national jazz scene. 

It is a proposal with an eclecticism out of the ordinary. Far from Latin or jazz fusion, it is more an admirable musical mosaic of the different stories and cultures that settle in Frank’s heart and that transport in the same session from the songs of the fishermen in Ethiopia to an original bulería played without a guitar famen .

IMULÉ  is a proposal open to experimentation with an adaptable training and with the focus on the incorporation of new sounds and cultural and scenic elements. In his next LP “Allien Eyes” he reflects on the gaze of the visitor, the stranger, the new in a place full of stimuli and novel influences to incorporate, to learn; the transformation undergone on the journey.


IMULÉ  has been played on:

Radio Rebelde (Cuba)

Radio 3 “Como lo Oyes” by Santi Alcanda 53:13

And in many more …


Listen to the Podcast of “Músicas sin prejuicios” Minute 02:01:20 (spanish)