con el coco abierto

“With Opened Coconut”

“Con el CoCo Abierto” is a delicious comedy, full of freshness, where many ingredients come together to life with a single actress on stage. For her, the kitchen is the heart of the house, where she innocently unfolds, opening her inner world and everything that worries her about the world around us. Through a very special recipe, he sets out to show us the magic that life offers us.


Members of the Atelans troupe become string puppets and, overflowing and overflowing, riddled with cramps and the drives of greed, lust and death, regurgitate, twitter and leap while threading a farce to the moonlight from the cemetery and they officiate a puppet next to the  brothel. 

And, while, like a devilish Greek and ecclesial choir, they sing lay prayers while they invoke Raphael.