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CON EL COCO ABIERTO "With Opened Coconut"

Duration: 75 minutes 

Genre: Comedy 

Public: All audiences.

“Con el CoCo Abierto” is a delicious comedy, full of freshness, where many ingredients come together that come to life with a single actress on stage. For her, the kitchen is the heart of the house, where she innocently unfolds, opening her inner world and everything that worries her about the world around us. Through a very special recipe, he sets out to show us the magic that life offers us.

Do you have your own recipe?

The original idea was born with the desire to share with the world the emotions and concerns that arise within the protagonist, in which any woman can see herself reflected. The character intends to create the perfect dish for an optimal way of living with great empathy for Mother Earth, which would be something like leading a “sustainable” life both inside and outside, raising awareness of the understanding of the world that inhabits as well as her own being, in an attempt to seek balance always threatened by an increasingly complex society

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Direction /// MARIKA PÉREZ

Performer /// ZAIDA DÍAZ

Set Design /// COCOS AL AIRE

Costume Design /// COCOS AL AIRE

Lighting design /// SONIA RUBIO

Audiovisuals /// LEONARDO PÉREZ


Production /// COCOS AL AIRE


Zaida and Marika met casually on a March morning at a busy airport. That same night they launched into their first creative meeting in which, between dreams and projects, they discovered thanks to their Astral Chart that they had a “karmic debt”. They did not know very well what this meant, but they already knew that from that very moment they had become inseparable. Since then, they have developed numerous projects in the field of the Arts; from participation with stage proposals in International Festivals to training and cooperation proposals.

In 2018 they founded “Cocos al Aire” a company / collective open to interaction with other disciplines and artists, but with very vital vital maxims: Empathy, truth, sorority, freedom, creativity and sustainability. Her most present desire is to cook each project over low heat to imbue it with that ancient feminine energy that is so lacking today.